Cocos Divine is a unique chronobiological BMI management concept.

Chronobiology (ancient Greek χρόνος chrónos ‘time’) is a branch of science in biology that examines the organization of physiological processes and repeated behavioral patterns in organisms. The regularities of recurring phenomena observed, are called biological rhythms. The synergetically combined and potentiated ingredients in Cocos Divine are released into the body with a time delay.* Mediterranean fruit and plant extracts, such as blood orange, saffron, rosemary and olive leaf, work in synergy with Asian spice and vegetable extracts, such as cinnamon and black beans. This rich compositions stimulates, promotes and supports the natural physiological processes in the body, contributing in many ways to your effective BMI management.

As a drink in the morning, the ingredients in Cocos Divine stimulate the Thermogenisis, supports lipid methabolism and deliver essential nutritions for energy production in the mitochondrion. During day, the ingredients contribute tot he important balance oft he blood-sugar level. Throughout the evening and the night, ingredients support liver regeneration, acts on LDL cholestorole, and facailiates the reduction of the fat cell and accumulation off at in general.

Saffron Flower

Supports satiety and control of food intake during the day*

Blood Orange

Supports weight loss, optimizes BMI, facilitates reduction in hip-waist circum*


Positive support to the cardiovascular system through Polyphenols, Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosole*

Rosmarin & Zimt

Essential phenols for antioxidative function*

Black Beans

Delivers slow released carbohydrates and energy production*


Direct and instant energy for your energy cells*

Activation of

The bio-active ingredients have the property of generating heat in the body through metabolic stimulation. Brown adipose tissue, which is brown instead of white due to its high number of mitochondria (mitochondria are very iron-rich small cell organs - and iron is brown) converts fat into energy.

The active ingredients in COCOS Divine stimulate thermogenesis, support energy consumption and fat oxidation *

Energy production in the mitochondria

Mitochondria are the power-plants of our cells. They provide the cells with the energy they need for movement, cell division, production of sectoral products and contraction.

The active ingredients in Cocos Divine promote the metabolism of the mitochondria and ATP synthesis in order to supply the body with energy throughout the day *

Reduction in starch & sugar intake

Liver Regeneration

Free Radicals ...

Waste products
Eliminated through: Skin, Bile Urine ...

The ingredients in Cocos Divine support the liver in eliminating toxins during the detoxification process through antioxidant enzymes

BMI Management

BMI Management

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